Fragrant masterpieces - a pleasant embrace for all your senses

Fragrance personalities instead of run-of-the-mill perfumes - lasting memories without being a burden.

Individual scents for an unforgettable room experience.

Flowers wither, madetostay scents shape memories.

Based on the idea that scent should be an additional sensory dimension in a room, designer Carsten Jörgensen wanted to create a series of fragrances that can enhance a certain spatial feeling and an unforgettable atmosphere in a contemporary home.

The essence of the art of fragrance: Our search for outstanding perfumers ended in Munich, where we found partners who shared our vision. Together we created extraordinary home fragrances - from Limonaia's fresh citrus notes to Sensation's minimalist clarity. Each fragrance, unique and unforgettable, enriches the home as a lasting, pleasant memory.

Would you like to get to know the scents?

Here come the scented sticks for your home

500g of glassmaking art

Why hasn't anyone invented the refillable scented object before us?

Well, it wasn't that easy. Feeling and craftsmanship play a crucial role in our Flambeaux candles. We found talented perfumers in Munich, experienced glassblowers in Portugal and a traditional candle factory in France.

The symbiosis of warm candlelight, which is refracted in the glass object, with the wonderful scents is a highlight for all your rooms. Just not just for the guest toilet, that's where it gets stolen...

Poetry & Functionality

The double-walled glass safely protects your table surfaces and hands from the heat.

When the candle has burned out, use it as a tea glass or with a tea light on the balcony.

Carsten named this beautiful scented candle Lumina Sentire. Poetry for upcycling.

Highest standards

Tasteful packaging without plastic and the complex European standards for scented candles cost Kirsten many hours in collaboration with the packaging designers from Vetica-Group and our producers.

It was worth it, we didn't just want to be best in class when it came to fragrance and design.