Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set
Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set

Trial Set - Mikado Scent Sticks 5 Scents Try-me-Set

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✓ A pack of 5 Mikado - enough for around 30 days of fragrant joy.

✓ No liquids - our scent sticks are already pre-scented.

✓ Discreet – Just 1-2 scent sticks create a pleasant atmosphere.

✓ Hobitat scented vase 3 pieces (base, donut, Rombus) in elegant gift packaging

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You get a whole pack of each of our 5 scents, each with 5 scent sticks. Fragrance for 5 months...

Try Sensational, Magnolia, The Blue Room, Limonaia and Desert Rain in your own spaces. In smaller rooms, a scent stick is usually sufficient. Of course, you can also mix them and conjure up your very own scent compositions.

You will also receive a high-quality illustrated brochure about madetostay scent poetry.

About the Mikado scented sticks:

We developed our Mikado sticks with one mission: to bring you wonderful fragrance of the highest quality to your home, easily and safely. We asked ourselves how we could improve traditional rattan scent diffusers and the result is simply great. Our special sticks are already soaked in the delicious scent. They are safely waiting in an airtight bag in the box for you to use creatively. Whether you decorate them in your Hobita scented vase, hide them between flowers or place them behind the mirror - there are no limits to your imagination.

The best part? No more spills, no more boring, clogged sticks. Instead, you can enjoy the full, wonderful scent you love in all its glory. Very simple and practical!

Your home welcomes you with a beautiful, subtle scent

The madetostay fragrance collection includes five unique fragrances, inspired by places and experiences that deeply touched designer Carsten Jörgensen, each fragrance tells a unique story. The fragrance notes were developed individually for madetostay by perfumers in Munich with the highest level of professionalism and creativity. Complicated fragrance compositions with numerous ingredients were created, resulting in exceptional and very high-quality perfumes. The scents are very suitable for all rooms depending on individual taste. The scents are subtle, unobtrusive, emotional, personal and unique. They are long-lasting and create a pleasant ambience.

Made in Portugal

Ceramics - art

The artisan manufacturer Jomazé, Lda. is located in the heart of Portugal, near the coast between the Nazaré and Alcobaça regions. A place where a long tradition in ceramic processing has determined the everyday life of many craftsmen.

Nowadays there are only a few workshops left in this area. The Jomazé workshop has become an institution and has survived the crisis of globalization only because it has managed to combine decades of ceramic tradition with a spirit of innovation.

Made in Portugal

Wood turning craft

None of the wood professionals we know have mastered the art of selecting, drying and processing wood on the lathe as masterfully as the skilled craftsmen of Ferreiras e Marcelino from Portugal.

Since its founding in 1986, this humble woodworking shop and woodturnery has grown into one of the finest small businesses we know of. They ship their high-quality wood and cork products to almost every country in Europe and beyond.

Made in Germany

Mikado scent sticks

Swif has been developing and producing air care products for the European market for more than 30 years. The main competence of the IFS-certified company is product safety; the scent sticks developed by Swif based on recycled PET represent an innovation of the latest generation of technology and meet the highest safety standards. The Mikados are made without unnecessary solvents, only with the luxury perfume from our madetostay fragrance collection.