Less but better, suits us well

"Our collection includes beautiful, durable and meaningful things that you will want to keep for a lifetime."

At Carl Henkel, the ethos goes beyond being an online store; it's a movement against the throwaway culture and mindless consumption. Committed to posing intelligent questions leading to simple, beautiful, and sustainable solutions, we believe that convenience, doesn't equate to environmental harm.

Why choose a fully automatic coffee machine with wasteful pods when true enjoyment doesn't have to compromise the environment? Why settle for mediocre bagged teas when your personal tea ceremony deserves high-quality alternatives? And why must scented candles come in headache-inducing varieties and odd containers?

Carl Henkel's mission is crystal clear: setting an example against senseless waste and the mindless depletion of resources. At Carl Henkel, the focus is on offering products designed to last a lifetime, ushering in much-needed change in response to the negative impacts of convenience and flashy marketing.

Together with our friendly brands, madetostay and soon also the traditional Taiwanese tea brand Smith&Hsu, Carl Henkel stands for products that not only make everyday life easier, but also change the world. Our design means more than aesthetics – it means sustainability, intelligence and real improvement. At Carl Henkel we offer products that last a lifetime and bring much-needed change because we believe it is time to offer alternatives to the negative effects of convenience and colorful marketing.

Our products are a part of your home, a part of your life

Our products find their place in your home, more precisely in the apartment, in the house and especially in the kitchen-living room - the living heart of your living space. The eat-in kitchen is more than just a room; it is the most social meeting place in your apartment. No matter whether you live in a family, share a shared apartment or live alone, there is celebration, silence, discussion and play here.

Our products are part of this unique moment. Imagine a fragrant pot of coffee steaming on the table as your friends arrive. Or, you light a candle, get your book, the tea develops its aromas and you look forward to your personal time out. A candle creates a warm atmosphere and the lamp above the table creates the perfect accent. At Carl Henkel we accompany these moments and - together with our friends - create products that are not only functional, but also enrich your everyday life.

Our focus is on modern design, intelligent solutions and sustainability. We understand the needs of living and design products that transform your living space into a place of inspiration and enjoyment. Because at Carl Henkel we are more than just a digital trading company – we are part of your home, part of your life.

My great-grandpa Carl Henkel

Merchant tradition

Our name 'Carl' is a homage to the roots of our merchant family, which dates back to 1903. A legacy of quality and excellence that we carry with pride. We carry this name with commercial values, courage and the tradition of a trading company, while we lead innovative design digitally into the future.

Thank you very much for supporting our small family start-up!

Thank you also for reading this far and for being interested in our story - we look forward to staying in touch with you.