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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Questions about the X-tract method

The German Coffee Association recommends taking 60g of coffee per liter of water. This also applies to preparation using the X-Tract method. We use a normal spoon as a rough measure; ours at home holds around 6g per heaped spoonful. This means as a guideline:

  • 8 spoons for a full Arca (add approx. 800ml water)
  • 5 spoons with 1/2 l water
  • 3 spoons in 300ml water (a large cup)

If your coffee is too weak and it's not the amount of coffee, you probably brewed the coffee too slowly . It often happens with designer kettles with a thin gooseneck. The water flows too slowly and the coffee is not mixed. Then you have to stir the coffee well.

If the coffee is too strong, simply use a little less coffee powder or a different coffee roast. Try slightly milder and fruity roasts, perhaps with a coarser grind.

We like the coffee to be a little stronger, so we use dark roasts with a medium grind. Dark roasts are also often less acidic and have a slightly nuttier aroma. But you can also choose modern, fruity roasts in any grind that you like.

For a whole Arca I take around 50g of coffee (approx. 8 heaped spoonfuls of approx. 6g each) and fill the pot with hot, but not boiling, water to just below the handle, that's approx. 800ml. Just try it out, it varies for me how I like the coffee.

It can be a little milder for breakfast, medium-strong in the afternoon to match the cake and after a good meal we like to have a strong roast. (Espresso roasting or French roast)

Please be careful not to overfill the Arca! This can happen especially with the porcelain Arca because you cannot see the filling level from the outside.

Unfortunately, it is a finding that has been true of porcelain and glass pots for over 1000 years. There are countless studies and experiments by designers on the subject, a few drops can hardly be avoided.

The short answer: very long. Even without a warmer. The filter inside keeps the coffee warm. We drank our Arca in the morning after about half an hour. Enjoyment until the last sip.

We measured the following temperatures:

  • Room temperature 22°, brewing temperature 96°
  • After 4 minutes the coffee is ready. Temperature 86°. Very hot, the flavor is still developing.
  • after 10 minutes: temperature 78°. I'll wait another 2-3 minutes
  • after 20 minutes the temperature is at 70°. Best for me

Have you seen the new warmer?

Fika warmer

If the water is too hot, the coffee will burn and become bitter.

We recommend letting the water cool down a bit after boiling. It depends on the coffee, generally the temperature of the water when pouring should be between 92°C and 96°C. There are also coffees that taste even better when the water temperature is below 90°C.

Yes absolutely. We leave the filter in. The coffee doesn't linger and definitely doesn't become bitter. We often tried it with trained coffee experts. The coffee in the filter even keeps your favorite drink hotter for a lot longer than if you take it out.

The aromas of the coffee take about 4 minutes to release. Then we give it a few more minutes of rest and time to cool down. I find that after about 12 minutes it has the right temperature and fullness to enjoy.

Perfect for a long breakfast!

Yes definitely. Both versions, the Arca in borosilicate glass and the Arca in porcelain, can be kept warm on the warmer with a candle. Just make sure you always have some liquid in the pot.

I regularly carry the Arca in my backpack when hiking. We gave it to a friend who has been traveling around the world by bike since last year and a few young coffee lovers have also been traveling with the Arca in their van for some time.

The borosilicate glass and also the porcelain jugs are very stable, light and very practical for your perfect coffee at home and on the go.

The coffee taste is comparably delicious. There are three main features that speak for the Arca X-tract:

The security. You don't have to press down the coffee. This means that no pressure can arise
if, for example, the filter is clogged or not installed correctly. This will prevent accidents.

You can use any grind level with the X-tract method. The way it's best for your favorite coffee. With the French press you are limited to a coarse grind.

Cleaning the Arca X-tract is very easy. You simply tip the coffee grounds into the compost.

This is super easy. Instead of hot water, pour the coffee with cold water. Cold brew coffee takes approximately 10-12 hours to develop. For example, you can leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

We recommend using around 25% more ground coffee than you normally use. Try it. Have fun!

If your filter no longer drains well, you should rinse it with hot water. We put it in the dishwasher about once a week and use a high temperature program once a month.

Still clogged? They're not just at Arca On the one hand, essential oils are responsible for the great taste, but they can also ruin grinders X-tract filter clogged. But it can be easily cleaned because the oils liquefy at around 70°C. The next time you preheat your oven, put the filter in with it. A few minutes should be enough to liquefy the oils. You can wash the hot filter under clean water. Allow to cool and then rinse again or clean in the dishwasher. Then it's like new. If not, please contact me. The contact form is below.

Questions about your order/delivery

We will inform you about your order by email - please also check your spam folder.

Please use the shipment tracking to check whether the package was delivered to a neighbor. If it is not with a neighbor and the shipping status has not changed for 5 days, please contact us - you can find our contact options below.

We usually ship orders within 24 hours, but for some orders, especially when verifying payments, it may take a little longer. Please give us some time to prepare your order for shipping.

How does the Arca X-tract work?

Step by step to delicious coffee

You can choose any grind level you want for the Arca X-tract. The German Coffee Association recommends around 60g of coffee per 1 liter of water. Customize your coffee depending on your mood, time of day and taste. With a little experimentation you will find your perfect recipe. Stirring could be important depending on the grind.

Brew the coffee

When the water boils, wait about 1/2 minute more. Don't pour it too hot or too hesitantly. You may have to wait a moment, stir and continue pouring. Your new coffee ritual starts with the smell of coffee.

Gentle brewing method

The water slowly seeps through the coffee. The gentle brewing method means that fewer bitter substances and acids end up in the coffee than with pressure methods. It is easier on the stomach.

Flavors develop

The coffee only needs about 4 minutes to develop its full potential in the big belly of the Arca: the pure, unadulterated coffee taste develops! We even let the coffee rest for 12-13 minutes...

Pouring - anticipation

The coffee doesn't brew if the filter stays in the pot. Your coffee is even kept warm. The lid also doesn't fall into the coffee because it is connected to the filter.

Easy to care for - dishwasher safe

To clean, we empty the coffee grounds into the compost and wash the filter from the outside in. Once a week we put all three pieces in the dishwasher.

Enjoy life & coffee

Enjoy comfortably. Refill. Have time and peace.

Do you have any questions? Simply write to us using the contact form.

The Henkels

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A way away from the mass market. Our attitude using the example of Arca.

The perfect price: quality, quantity and ethics in harmony

With the Arca X-tract we want to make coffee preparation easier, more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. For us, coffee symbolizes good conversations, warmth, love, joy and security. It's much more than just a quick pick-me-up. We differ from mass market manufacturers, furniture store chains and discounters. We are grateful that we have found suppliers who trust us and who produce our small units with the same attention to quality as we imagine.

When choosing the materials and the feel, we had nothing less in mind than to make the daily coffee ritual so pleasant that it becomes a habit that you will treasure for the rest of your life. The iconic design will delight you every day, and the most sustainable thing would be if you could pass the Arca on to the next generation who will use it with the same joy as you.

Profiting from other people's plight is unacceptable to us. We accept prices without negotiation because we know that reductions come at the expense of workers.

We also use the highest quality materials in the product details: The X-tract filter is the heart of the Arca and can be compared to a carefully crafted kitchen strainer. The difference is that our patented filter is double - made of stainless steel and a stainless steel sieve. The jug made of borosilicate glass is not an ordinary, carelessly cut cylinder. The aroma of your coffee can develop perfectly in the generous belly of the Arca X-tract. The colored glass handle is hollow, it is cut from the tube and attached during production, which means that the handle does not get hot and is extremely stable. Please don't worry, the glass jug is extremely durable. Light but robust, it can withstand travel and hikes. The same applies to the Arca made of porcelain. We are proud of their edge strength and functional design. You don't have to worry about the handle or the spout suffering when used in the catering industry, for example. The silicone ring on the lid, which prevents the lid from falling into the coffee, is a high-quality functional detail for everyday use. In addition, the design of the Arca X-tract was developed by professionals.

Making coffee with the Arca X-tract only costs you €0.05 per day. In comparison, you cannot enjoy premium coffee at a lower price. This calculation is based on a useful life of 3-4 years. Why three years? After this time, most coffee machines become calcified and end up in the trash.

Wouldn't it be nice if your grandchildren thought of you when they smelled coffee?

Lastly, with your purchase you are supporting our small start-up family business.
Thank you very much for that.

Jürgen Henkel

a look behind the scenes

International network: trade as a connecting element

The question of how we manufacture our products is a matter close to our hearts. Our Arca X-tract, double-walled Arca cups and stack thermal glasses, like many household goods, toys and electrical appliances, are made in Asia. But for us it goes far beyond purely economic aspects. It is a story of friendship and outstanding craftsmanship. In a globalized world we should ask ourselves: How do we produce our products? Anything else would be hypocrisy.

I would like to tell the slightly more detailed story:

The Arca X-tract is a joint project between long-time friends. Our company, specializing in logistics and distribution, works closely with designers and James Hsu, an experienced production professional. The connections between us have existed for over 30 years. James is from Taiwan and lives in Keelong, north of Taipei. The idea for the filter came from him and he also owns the patent for it. Carl Henkel, in turn, has the design and naming rights for the Arca X-tract. Based in Keelong, James manages production in Asia. Through constant exchange and visits, he and his team maintain long-term relationships with small manufacturers and large factories. Quality is our top priority – quality, quality, quality is our common mantra.

We never asked James for lower prices. Why? Quite simply: lower prices come at the expense of quality and, above all, working conditions. We guarantee that our products are manufactured to the highest moral and ethical standards.

For us, Asia is the center of the world, geographically located between America, Oceania and Europe, depending on your perspective it is the middle... Our international network forms the basis in a globalized world. Despite the political unrest, trade remains a unifying element between peoples. In the spirit of Marco Polo, we maintain our international friendships and strive for peaceful international understanding.

Jürgen Henkel