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Fika Coffee & Tea SetFika Coffee & Tea Set
Fika Coffee & Tea Set
Sale priceFrom 126,00€ Regular price221,00€Save 43%
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Cosy Coffee SetCosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Sale priceFrom 99,00€ Regular price126,00€Save 21%
Coffee Lover SetCoffee Lover Set
Coffee Lover Set
Sale price78,00€ Regular price113,00€Save 31%
Pure Coffee Set
Sale price89,00€ Regular price124,00€Save 28%
Café & Coldbrew Combo Clear
Sale price78,00€ Regular price108,00€Save 28%
Café & Coldbrew Combo Green
Sale price78,00€ Regular price117,00€Save 33%
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Sale price19,90€ Regular price39,90€Save 50%

"Why didn't I get to know this sooner?"

Customer testimonials

4.9/ 5.0 (86 reviews)

"Have a lot of fun with your pot, I'm happy every day about the good - very easy to make café."

Wolfgang from Hamburg

Ordered one for my mother yesterday and had it sent there. A small one today for a friend. Everyone simply has to have this!


At the beginning we just wanted an alternative to our espresso machine, which uses so much energy. The whole family now loves coffee with the Arca for breakfast and with cake.

Yvonne from Neuss

"Sometimes drinking coffee with friends is the only therapy you really need"