Cosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Cosy Coffee Set
Gabi, Yvonne

Cosy Coffee Set

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✓ Delicious coffee - hot and to your taste

✓ No filter paper - make environmentally friendly coffee without plastic and aluminum

✓ A daily joy: Your piece of jewelry at the breakfast table, at the coffee table, in the van, in the office...

✓ Easy cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe. Limescale and bacteria have no chance

✓ Long-lasting quality with low energy consumption for years of delicious coffee

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A gift for cozy hours, a long breakfast, Advent coffee...

Cosy Coffee:  The Danish say “hygge”. The symbiosis of harmonious cosiness, candlelight and, in this case, the delicious smell of coffee.

Now you can extend your breakfast even longer or use the Arca in the meeting room. The coffee doesn't get bitter on the warmer.

The Cozy Coffee Set consists of an Arca X-tract coffee pot (including filter and lid) and the two-piece Fika warmer (porcelain base and a thin stainless steel plate). You can also use the warmer for other heat-resistant containers. Please make sure that there is always some liquid in the jug so that it does not overheat.

The Arca's jug holds 950ml and you can make up to 800ml of coffee.

How it works

  1. Add ground coffee to the filter
  2. Fill with hot, not boiling, water
  3. If necessary, stir a little to loosen any lumps
  4. Put the lid on and give the aromas time
  5. Serve with the filter in the Arca.

There is no better coffee with bread rolls or cake.

Finally the smell of coffee again

The best coffee is the one you like best

With the X-tract method you can choose the grinding level to suit the coffee. You can use any grind, any coffee - including lupine coffee.

Save trash!

Only a small amount of compost remains from your coffee. Your flowers are happy and the snails move on to the neighbor, they can't stand the coffee.


Start with it at breakfast. Good taste and a good feeling - reducing can bring joy.

When less is more. Less effort, better coffee. As simple as that.

Take her with you!

Vanlife, enthusiastic campers, vacationers in the holiday apartment or simply for a picnic in the park...

The durability of the Arca is amazing. In the van we stow them in the packaging provided; for a picnic we wrap them in a bath towel or picnic blanket.

Trusted Shops Reviews

Satisfied Arca users

4.88/ 5.0 (Trusted Shop)

It's amazing how good coffee can taste! Previously I had a fully automatic luxury that was far more work. Now I'm almost glad that the monster was broken...

Ulla 5 stars

I have already ordered the second Arca X-tract for work. I think the coffee pot is brilliant!! The pot has made making coffee much easier and more comfortable for me. No more paper filters that you have to buy, no trash and no paper aftertaste... as I said, I think the pot is simply brilliant! :D

Christian 5 stars

Wonderful pot!
Arrived very well packaged, very elegant, well made, lid clips onto the filter with a silicone ring and doesn't fall down, coffee tastes phenomenal, just like good coffee should taste!
Am thrilled!

Stefanie, 5 stars

Great products, great service! I've been looking for a long time for a coffee maker that works easily and without filter paper. Beautiful design, ingenious filter, everything very stable and durable, easy to prepare - and delicious coffee.

Olaf, 5 stars

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