Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces
Louis, Anna

Tim Tea Mug with Filter 3 Pieces

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✓ Suitable for all types of tea

✓ Hygienic materials: porcelain and stainless steel

✓ Your piece of jewelry from breakfast to leisure time

✓ Easy cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe. Limescale and bacteria have no chance

✓ Long-lasting quality with low energy consumption for all your teas and infusions

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Gratis Versand in De - ohne Plastik

3 for 2 promotion, think of your friends:

Order 3 Tim tea cups and only pay for 2! You get the third Tim for free. Simply add 3 pieces to your shopping cart. One is then automatically free.

Discover the perfect companion for your tea enjoyment - our Tim Tea for One Set! With its charming simplicity and practical features, Tim brings traditional tea drinking into your home, office or balcony.

The Tim tea set consists of three dishwasher-safe parts:

  1. A cup with a generous 300 ml capacity that offers space for your favorite type of tea.
  2. A stainless steel filter that allows you to prepare and enjoy your tea according to your taste.
  3. A lid that not only keeps your tea leaves warm and aromatic, but also has a clever function: you can turn it upside down and use it as a practical shelf for the filter.

With Tim, your tea is reliably kept hot for a long time, so that you can sit back and enjoy every sip to the fullest. Please note, however, that Tim is not intended for quick tea-to-go. This set is intended for those special moments of enjoying tea at home, in the office or on your balcony.

Let Tim take you into the world of relaxed tea drinking and enjoy the quality and comfort that this set offers. A cup of tea has never been so stylish and uncomplicated - discover Tim and make your tea breaks a real pleasure!

How it works

  1. Pour tea into the filter
  2. Fill with hot water
  3. Pay attention to the brewing time: put the lid on and give it enough time

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